Thursday, December 02, 2010

What?! December?!

Yesterday, I looked at a calendar and realised that I ONLY HAD A WEEK LEFT OF MY TWENTIES.  And now there are only six days left, and then I'm thirty. 

What happened to November?  Actually, that's freaking me out more than turning thirty.  Thirty's not that old, and I think I'll like my thirties.  But two whole weeks of November disappeared before I noticed!  What?!

I just went through my Twitter feed, trying to figure out what I was up to during the past two weeks (it seriously feels like it should be at most November 20th here), and here's what I found:
1.) It snowed here! And the snow stayed for a couple of days!  And it pretty much shut down the city for the first day, even though we only got like an inch and a half of snow at my house.  And that's why Victoria is the Funniest Place on Earth to me.

2.) I completely finished reading that microfilm, and gave it back to Inter-Library Loans.  Now I'm just translating the pertinent parts and piecing together my next chapter.

3.) Chris built a Van de Graaff generator in our living room.

4.) (This is more of something that's happened over the whole month) We discovered that we can play Clue over Skype with friends far away.  As in the old-timey board game Clue.  It was my friend Shannon's idea, while she was visiting at the beginning of the month, as a way for us to get to know her fiance who lives in Hawaii.  We then also played it with friends in Regina.  (It helps to have a good internet connection and a game board on both sides.)

5.) Chris and I booked a trip to a spa resort on a nearby island, as our thirtieth birthday/Christmas presents to each other.  We'll be there on Chris's birthday.  If you'd asked twenty-year-old me how I imagined celebrating my thirtieth birthday, I don't think I would have said "I'll go to a spa."  But I'm happy with this plan, especially because neither of us has ever traveled to this island before.

6.) We just had a hectic weekend, during which not only did our favourite football team lose the Grey Cup again, but we also got bad news about several different friends and family friends (and then Janice spent Tuesday in the emergency room thanks to an allergic reaction), and so I spent a couple of days too emotionally tired and stressed out to blog. 

I guess that's where those two weeks went.  And now I have six days left until I turn thirty, and I think I'll spend those six days as quietly as possible (except for all the Christmas parties between now and then, and all the associated cooking).


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Oh honey, we'll talk in 10 years... when I'm about to turn 52... and you're gonna be 40...

Enjoy your 30s.. you're old enough to have some judgment and young enough to have some fun...

I'm pretty sure I spent all of my 30s as a grad student --- so, don't follow me down that path!!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Dude, that's so not happening. I've paid tuition for the entirety of my twenties, and now my goal is to spend the smallest possible percentage of my thirties as a student.

...which means I'd better get back to writing now, hey?

The Blog Fodder said...

I hated turning 30. Had to leave youth behind and be a mature adult.