Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My last few hours as a twenty-something

Today I joked on Twitter that I would spend the last day of my twenties doing everything on Ted Mosby's Murtaugh List (from How I Met Your Mother), before I'm thirty and therefore too old to do any of that "stuff."  And, as predicted, the closest I've come to any of that is sleeping on a futon. 

But honestly, I've spent the last day of my twenties in the same way I spent most of the rest of the decade: quietly. I went to appointments, fussed over my dissertation chapter, spent too much time procrastinating on the internet, listened to melancholy Christmas music, and talked with my mother.  I had to use my SAD lamp a little more than usual, and drank an entire pot of tea, because it was a little darker outside than usual.  I got a little creative with supper. 

I feel like my life is on the brink again: I am looking forward to the end of my years as a student (finally).  I'm looking forward to my thirties.  I'm looking forward to beginning sessional teaching.  I'm looking forward to getting on to the rest of my life as a grown-up.  And, even as my daily life seems to look the same as it has for years, I'm starting to make small, superficial changes.  I became brave enough to chop my hair off, and found it to be good.  Last week, I went out and bought some nice clothes that fit my no-longer-twenty-five-years-old body, including a new little black dress.  (I got good wear out of that old one.)  This new dress really shows how much more comfortable in my body I am than I was ten years ago: it is figure-flattering.  Perhaps even figure-hugging.  Like, I have to shimmy and wiggle in order to get into the dress.  Actually, I pretty much have to roll the dress onto me like pantyhose.  And it looks fantastic.

I like coming to a place where I'm getting a little more happy with myself. 


Ky said...

"I like coming to a place where I'm getting a little more happy with myself." That is exactly what turning 30 should feel like for everyone.

I'm glad you'll be joining my over 29 team tomorrow. Our thirties will be awesome.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I keep thinking about your birthday blog post, about the twenties being about figuring out who you are, your the thirties being about becoming that. I think I'm going to blog about that tomorrow.

Leslie M-B said...

Yay for comfort with yourself! And happy #30!