Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Help me ignore my head cold

It was probably inevitable, after being surrounded by sick people and then after hardly sleeping on the weekend.  Today I realised that it wasn't that I was still tired from all the traveling and the cooking, but that the cold that has been pursuing me for a week has finally caught up.  And so I've stayed home tonight, and I'm looking through the pictures from my previous week's adventures.

Last week I went, along with Ky and our friend Kristen, to the island's West Coast to celebrate Ky's thirtieth birthday.  It's funny how worried I was about the weather, as the forecast (correctly) predicted rainstorms.  In the end, the trip was better because we pushed through and were determined to be adventurous, in spite of (because of?) the rain.  We felt more proud of ourselves because we kept going, and the hot tea tasted better, and the warm cabin after our hikes felt like a reward. 

And, at the end, we talked most about that walk we took on slippery boardwalks through rainforest in the pouring rain.

Warning: Slippery Bridges Make You Dance

It was so rainy that we discovered that our rain gear wasn't so waterproof, and we all resorted to using umbrellas. 

But we were so glad that we pushed through and continued, because the rainforest is particularly beautiful when it's raining.   I guess we were seeing it in its natural state, right?
Rainforest Path
(I stole all these pictures from Ky's Flickr account, because I forgot my camera in our cabin that day.)

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