Thursday, September 30, 2010

Obsessive Hair-Blogging Again

Call it "I'm approaching my thirtieth birthday and needed to do something spontaneous." Call it "I now have gone to the same hairdresser long enough that I trust her to do whatever she thinks looks good."  Call it "I've been reading old-timey German on microfilm and was starting to feel haggard." 

I got a lot of hair cut off today.  A lot.  I love it, but am also totally neurotic about it.  (This comes as a surprise to no one, correct?)

Here it is: 

So short, right?  It feels so much better, since it had been an impossible length for a while, and I'd started putting it in strange pigtails while I was working.  I was thinking it was a little Dooce.

But then I started watching 30 Rock and it occurred to me: do I have the same haircut as Kenneth Parcell?

Here's the comparison, using a slightly different shot of my haircut (brushed to the side differently):

Right?  Right?

(Don't worry: I still love my haircut. And at least it isn't the Bieber.)


May-B said...

Seriously it looks so good!

Anonymous said...

I love Kenneth, I love you. It's all beautiful.

Ky said...

Nope, your bangs are much longer than Kenneth's. You're set. It's totally awesome. I can't wait to see it in person.

Julia H. said...

It looks great! Next time, though, I totally dare you to go with the Bieber.

Marnie said...

You look great! It really suits you. Good for you to be so daring.

Leslie M-B said...

Very cute!