Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sometimes I forget to post

A short list of the things distracting me from posting:

1. The fact that there's a Kindle on order for me!
2. Choosing books that I want to get for my future Kindle.
2.a) Phone conversations with my father, as we analyze the Kindle and its new features at length. 
3. Finishing that book with the old-timey German printing (and converting -- ahem -- the entire book to pdf before I returned it to ILL). 
4. The book that Chris picked up at the bookstore this week.  I'm finding that I very much like the books that Chris picks out for me, particularly when they are whimsical, British, and found in the sci-fi section. 
5. Getting caught up on Season 4 of Burn Notice.  (Thanks to the burned DVD that my sister sent in the mail!)
6. Frustratingly bad football games on TV.
7. Getting our church moved into the nice new place!
8. Somewhat keeping our house in working order, while Chris had his first week of teaching.

1 comment:

C said...

Tom Holt books are awesome in the weirdest way! "You don't have to be evil to work here but it helps" is good too, but a bit hard to keep everything straight.