Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Learning to be spontaneous

This week, we were suddenly given the opportunity to go spend a night at a nice beach resort "up island."  We decided on Sunday and left on Monday, making this the single most spontaneous trip I've ever taken.  (I think.  Except for short trips from Regina to Moose Jaw, but those hardly count.)  And by "spontaneous" I mean that, as soon as we'd decided to go, I was doing laundry, packing food, and making lists like a madwoman for the next twenty-four hours until we left.

And with all this preparedness (I marinated steaks overnight, because I found out that our suite had its own patio with a barbecue), I forgot our camera.  We were on the most beautiful beach I've ever seen, attempting to get photos using our cellphones.  I also forgot to charge my cellphone, but it was kind of nice being away from technology for a while.  (Well, there was wireless and so I did end up checking Facebook a couple of times...)

I'm so thankful that we were given this opportunity to go.  Chris's first day back at school (just with the other teachers) is tomorrow, and so today was his last day of summer vacation.  We've both been working heavily lately, and so I'm glad that we stopped and took a couple of days to relax before it gets busier again.  When will we next have the chance to pick up and leave town on a Monday?  When will we next leave town? 

You know, for all my complaining about how crazy this place is, this island isn't too bad.  But now I have to adjust back to a world without perfect beaches, king-sized beds and spas.*

This picture is so us, it's ridiculous.  I'm squinting and am probably leaning so much because we'd been walking and I'm out of shape, and Chris is grimacing because he can't figure out whether the camera's taking pictures, because he shut off the shutter sound.  

* Man, I wanted to take that bed home with us in the car.  It was officially the Best Sleep of My Life and it saddens me a little that I will never sleep that well again.  I miss it already.


Anonymous said...

so glad you two had an amazing time!!!

jo(e) said...

Spontaneous trips are the best.

That photo makes me smile.