Monday, August 02, 2010

Home. Couch. Bed.

Traveling Minuses:
  • The air conditioning just barely works, and the temperatures were high. I was delirious from the heat when we got to Swift Current (only about two hours away from Regina), so much so that I ended up hugging a bag of ice in Safeway.
  • Driving through road construction in the mountains at night is stressful. 
  • Why do we always travel on the long weekends? Why is the majority of the final day spent in the vicinity of Vancouver?
  • Half-way through our day today, we blew a fuse on our stereo (while playing the Glee Cast's version of "4 Minutes") and then for the rest of the day had to be a little more creative about entertaining ourselves.
  • Too little healthy food eaten and too much money spent.
Traveling Pluses:
  • We got through all 467 songs on my Driving Playlist before the stereo went out, and it was truly Epic.  
  • Because I was in a car with Ky and Chris, it was not hard to entertain ourselves without the car stereo.  Seeing as we were already at the punchy stage of the long trip, we ended up pretending to have a brass band while stopped in a traffic jam. 
  • We also sang old-timey songs in rounds.
  • Bad air conditioning = good excuses to buy Slurpees.  
  • Traffic was better than I've ever seen it on the August Long Weekend.  We made the ferry three hours before Chris had predicted we would.  We were home before it was dark.  
  • We didn't have to drive straight through this year: in the middle, we got to attend the wedding of a good friend.  I got to spend time with my oldest friends, and meet another one of this past year's babies, and it was good.
  • I did my annual Check For Spiders, Since We've Been Away For A Month, and I haven't found any spiders yet.  It worked well to cover all of our drains before we left.  
Neither good nor bad, but interesting:
  • It is disorienting to arrive home after a long trip.  Everything looks a little different at first, as you notice things that you usually don't. 


Ky said...

I found THREE GIANT SPIDERS. and it was gross.

Also, everything in my bedroom was moved over by like two inches. No joke. But I actually know why it was: the landlords needed access to some pipe thingy and had to shove all my bedroom stuff.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Your landlords were gaslighting you?

The Blog Fodder said...

Now, Ky, you said you were glad to be home after two months. Giant spiders were the welcoming committee.