Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's always this way: "Why am I getting nothing done? Why am I tired? Why does my head hurt? Why does my throat hurt? Oh."  I'm sick.  I've been fending this off for a few days, but it hit me mid-way through the afternoon.  By 4:00 I couldn't even stay upright. 

And so I'm home alone, because I've decided that I'm too sick for prayer meeting.  I might go to bed soon.  I need to get better immediately, because I don't want to be sick when we're traveling. 

But before I crashed I got a lot done, and I'm so proud of myself.  I have a BC driver's license now! Well, I have a yellow piece of paper that says that my license will soon arrive in the mail and I'm allowed to drive.  And I have no photo ID until my new license arrives, which is a little bit terrible.  At least we're not flying home. 

And now I'm going to stop writing. I have a bucket full of sleepiness. I think I'm going to drink hot water with honey and lemon and stare at the dancing people on the TV.


Cramsey said...

Oh no! What will you do when you are out clubbing and get carded?

RTAs said...

Haha Cramsey! I'm sure QWoP has done enough clubbing in one weekend of her life to last a lifetime ;)

Julia H. said...

Plus, she's besties with all the bouncers; they don't even bother carding her. She even gets to skip the line.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

So, I decide to sleep in, and then I wake up to see such defamation of my character!

Cramsey said...

You may find it interesting that Pepys talked about clubbing way back in the 17th century. I can only assume that this is the origin of the word 'peeps'.