Thursday, June 24, 2010

The nice bits of my day

1. Brand new lemons --> lots of hot water with honey and lemon. 
2. I took an honest-to-goodness sick day today.   I stayed in my pyjamas until Chris came home and didn't feel guilty about it at all.  And watched a lot of the Food Network. 
3. I spent the whole day thinking "I wish someone would show up with a pulled pork sandwich. I think I'd feel stronger if I had some meat." And then Chris got home, heard that I was craving barbeque, and picked up pulled pork and brisket from a place downtown.  And that made me feel much better. 
4. I thought I was supposed to be starting preparations for the staff end-of-the-year party for Chris's work, and then he called to say that he was wrong and the party is on Monday.  Not only do I get to do nothing today, but there's no pressure to do anything tomorrow now either.  Bliss.
5. Chris is done all his prep and marking for the year. Now it's just supervising one more exam, awards day, and grad.
6. A book I ordered from England (for the dissertation) arrived in the mail, while all the delivery estimates thought that it would arrive after we left. 
7. Dissertations being available online in pdf form: I love living in the future.  No ordering, no waiting.  (Dr. Supervisor discovered that someone wrote a really relevant-to-my-research dissertation and defended it last year.)

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