Friday, June 04, 2010

Far from lonely

I've been home alone for the last half of this week, as Chris is the teacher chaperon for the high school seniors' camping trip.  When I first found out that I'd be here by myself from Wednesday until Sunday, I thought I was going to get lonely: I've been such a home body/hermit these days that usually Chris is the only person I see all day.  And so I made a few plans with people.

It's now so funny that I thought I was going to be lonely: I've been more social this week than I've been in a long time.  The non-stop people started as soon as I left the house on Wednesday morning: when I went to the chiropractor, I ran into three different friends (two of whom where the only other two people at the chiropractor's office).  Then, when I got hom, my Mom's cousin Cheryl called me (she's in town for the week) and I ended up spending the afternoon with her.  Then yesterday, the women from church and I had a Girls' Night (someone else's husband is away this week, and we thought that it would be nice to take this as an opportunity to get together) and I stayed out way too late.  Tonight, Cheryl's coming to stay here and then tomorrow we're going to do some sight-seeing, after which Ky and I are going to have a sleep-over (to celebrate the fact that she passed her quals!!, because she's going to Ukraine next week, and because I need a ride to church on Sunday).  In the midst of that all, I've been spending all my time trying to finish That Chapter That Won't Die (tm Styleygeek).

In short, today was the first time I had a chance to wash any dishes since Monday or Tuesday.  I've been so busy.  And, because I didn't have to go anywhere today (even though I had to get the spare room ready for Cheryl, and wash that pile of I Didn't Know We Owned That Many Dishes) I worked all day on That Chapter, starting as soon as I woke up this morning.  I made crazy amounts of progress today, but also managed to take care of myself and get housework done.  I even did some research outside in the sun and took a break to make lemonade from scratch! 

I think Chris is going to be surprised when he comes home on Sunday and finds that the house is clean and I'm all peopled-out.  He'll be especially amazed if I have this chapter close to done by the time he gets back. 

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