Friday, May 28, 2010

Bird Update

(Because I just know you were eagerly anticipating this.)

So, the robin's been attacking our office windows more today, but only when I'm in the office (our place is small enough that I'd hear it), which makes me suspect that there's a nest somewhere around that corner of the house, and that the bird sees me as a threat. 

What should we do?  I don't want to disturb a bird's nest.  I think we'll have to close our office blinds for the next while (sadly), and maybe warn the landlords to avoid that part of the yard.  Except that it's also near the garbage cans and bikes, and so I don't know if that plan's too feasible. 

(Today, I've set up at the desk in my bedroom, so that I can stay out of the robin's way.  Particularly because I get a little too jumpy when I'm anticipating that a bird might start attacking the windows at any moment.)


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Could you close the blinds so the bird won't see you?

The Blog Fodder said...

Get a cat. Just kidding.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

ipf: I did that, eventually. I also moved to my bedroom so that I could still have sunlight.

Middle Earth Garden said...

If you can find the nest, maybe you (or someone) could try relocating it? If you wear gloves they should not pick up on the scent (which could otherwise cause them to abandon the nest).

Robins are not exactly an endangered species in North America. They're pretty much in the same category as dandelions, so I would not be too concerned about disturbing the nest.

I just added a screen to our laundry vent as birds have been persistently trying to build nests in it. They were not happy with me! But they have now moved on.