Thursday, May 27, 2010

It might be time to leave the house

I've been sitting at my desk for a very long time now.  I haven't left the house all day, and I'm at that point where I have a blanket wrapped around my legs, a pashmina wrapped around my shoulders, and my space heater running, but it might actually be a normal temperature in here but I can't tell anymore because I've been inside for so long.

And I just might be going insane.  A few minutes ago, I looked out the window beside me, and was surprised to see a robin starting in at me, right up against my window.  It sort of gave me a jolt to see it, but then I also realised that it was surprising because it was the first living creature I'd seen all day.  (Not to say that I've seen any dead creature. I just couldn't think of a better way to say it, on account of the fact that I've been reading German all day.)

So, I Twitttered about it and tried to get back to work.  And that's when I heard a sound behind me.  I turned around, expecting to see my landlord working on something on the back of the house, but instead there was that robin again!  It had flown around the house and was now staring into the office window behind me, and was pecking at the window.

And my first thought was "If this was a movie, I'd assume the bird was trying to tell me something."

My next thought was that I really need to get out of the house, because I've clearly reached the hallucination stage of cabin fever. But that I'm a little too creeped out to leave the house, on account of the red-breasted robin that's stalking me.

And then I realised that those last words I typed were the craziest words I've ever written in my life.

No more caffeine for me.

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