Thursday, May 20, 2010

Further Adventures in Dissertation Land

I went back through some of the resources that Dr. Supervisor sent me, while I was trying to write a difficult part of this Chapter That Won't Die.  It turned out that one of the sites that he sent me had a link to a site I'd never encountered before, which had scanned images of all the relevant newspaper articles about different German historical figures from the 20th century.  This means: a.) it had a bunch of stuff that I already found and scanned when I was doing microfilm research, but b.) it also had a bunch of stuff from newspapers I haven't had a chance to see yet. 

And that's how I ended up spending the rest of my afternoon squinting at old German typeface (because the non-Berlin newspapers were still using this until long after 1933):
Oh boy.


Manolo the Shoeblogger said...

Ayyyy! This sounds like the job for Herr Professor Doktor B. P. von Korncrake!

Anonymous said...

My question is, why didn't they stop using that print in 1893? TERRIBLE. OLD-TIMEY.

Anonymous said...

And kinda Beautiful. (but annoying to read, I know!)

My Lutheran church hymnal from 1941 (in English) uses the old font for the titles of hymns and liturgy sections.

LynnieC said...

Yah, I'm usually a fan of old-timey things, but not so much in this case. It looks like an ironic beer ad, or something.