Thursday, April 08, 2010

My Weekend in Pictures

 Why yes, it did take me until Wednesday to blog about the weekend. But I've been moving in slow motion and only got the house cleaned up after the houseguests today.

By the way, we had a girls' afternoon on Monday and went to a new tea house in Chinatown.  It was so good! It was quiet and airy, right in the middle of busy Chinatown! It had gluten-free food for Ky! It now has its own line of tea! And it was decorated in a style that would have made my whimsical 14-year-old self faint with joy.  (I wish I had photographed the old-timey bicycles that are hanging from the walls, with their baskets filled with flowers.)


May-B said...

You look adorable in that hat.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Can you tell that it's Andrew's? And that it has an attached beard?

The Blog Fodder said...

Is that my beautiful Ky in the last picture? Looks like PhDing is agreeing with her.

I would love to make a smart remark about that hat but I won't.