Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hilarious/Awesome Purchase of the Day

Right now, Chris is running a virtual mile using the new toy we bought today. 

We were at XS Cargo and sheer curiosity (plus the fact that it was only $30 and promised me yoga) led us to buy the "Poor Man's Wii Fit," the Xtreme Fit.  It's like a yoga mat crossed with a Dance Dance Revolution mat, with roughly the computing power (and robot voices, and occasional freezing) that one would expect from a $30 gaming system with built-in games.

We love it.

We spent far too much of the evening playing its knock-off version of Dance Dance Revolution, and our new favourite song is named "I am a shamed little goat."   

(Chris convinced me to get it based on the hope that maybe I won't lead quite so sedentary of a lifestyle if I have the incentive of robot-voiced yoga and knock-off Dance Dance Revolution. He was right.)


May-B said...

Pictures please!

The Blog Fodder said...

I want the words to the Shamed Little Goat song. Are they clean?

LynnieC said...

JEALOUS!!! I wish to come visit and PLAY FOR HOURS.

C said...

ha ha ha! that is awesome! that shamed little goat song sounds like a great incentive to work out, give me a weird novelty song and i am yours forever!