Thursday, January 14, 2010

How I'm living up to my name today

Today, I am fully deserving of the title "Queen of West Procrastination." In theory, I have a very small task to do: all I have to do is write two paragraphs and then edit three pages' worth of dissertation overview. Then can I send it to my supervisor, so that next week I can start writing a chapter.

Two paragraphs and then some editing: it's all I have to do today. But it's now after noon and what have I done today? If you check the last post I wrote, you can see that I just added photos to my Tea Granny Guide. And, uh, took those photos (except for the Christmas photo of Chris with his Memories of the Future Mug) and edited them. Before that, I talked on the phone with my Mom and with Ky, I vacuumed my bedroom, and I spent a couple of hours reading stuff on the internet.

Okay. This has to stop. My brain is already coming up with other busywork that it would rather do than stare at a Word document and try to figure out how to word these last two chapter plans. I'm going to set up at the kitchen table, because it's way too dark in the office today (that's been one of my problems), and then after working for three hours (that's all I need!), I'm going to go for a walk. And I am not allowed to set up the new cordless phones (and then spend an hour programming phone numbers) until after all this work is done. Much as that is the most perfect form of procrastinatory busy work. (New toy + I have to get that task done sometime anyway and so I feel like I've accomplished something).

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