Monday, January 11, 2010

Here I was, minding my own business

...trying to keep my head down and get some real dissertation work done. I was trying not to get involved in all the latest political controversies, partially because I didn't have time to research them, and partially because I knew I'd just be mad and become useless.

And then today I woke up to discover that my federal government doesn't like me and doesn't think that my opinions represent those of "ordinary Canadians." I also learned that I, as an academic, am part of what the Industry Minister calls "the chattering classes," and he would like us all to know that "we're not here to govern on behalf of the chattering classes."

I didn't even care too much about the issue at hand (I just sort of rolled my eyes and said "Typical.") before this. This kind of divisive, identify-people-as-not-real-Canadians sort of politics is exactly the way you make me care about such issues. (And has me shouting "Really? Are you trying to be Sarah Palin?" at my computer screen on a Monday afternoon.)


The Blog Fodder said...

Dictators, left and right, are afraid of the intelligentsia because they are educated and can actually think (well, some of them anyway).
And they are right, a Prime Minister with a majority (or who acts like he has a majority) in the British parliamentary system has more power than the US President in terms of what he or she can unilaterally decide to do or not do.
You may be a member of the chattering class. QWP, I KNOW you.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Well, I'm not denying that I'm a member of the chattering class. I DO chatter. But I take exception to hearing that the government's not governing for me!

prairie nymph said...

why is that a surprise that many canadians aren't being represented? at least they are being partially honest.
the part that bugs me is that they really choose who they represent instead of the people choosing who to represent them. it is one thing for someone to say 'i represent me and anyone who thinks like me' and to say 'i get to choose who is really canadian'.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

prairie nymph: That is exactly it. Well, and it bugs me how there's this mentality of "I'm only going to try to appeal to those who will already vote for me regardless, and then I'll mock those who disagree with me, and state publicly that they are less Canadian than others."

Arlen said...

The fact that this or any government within Canada (federally or provincially and independant of political stripe) doesn't pay attention to the electorate until just before the election when our very biased media will pick one party or the other and tell the masses how to think. Politicians do this on a personal basis as well, for example Ralph Goodale just voted against the private members bill regarding the long-gun registry (which has passed second reading with some support from both the NDP and the Liberals). He claimed that he was voting as his constituents desired. I know that I live in a socialist hot-bed in Regina but very few people I have talked with recently support this. Did Ralph lie or are we just being equally ignored by both parties (or being told what our opinion is)?