Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This hasn't been the most peaceful week. Some of it is my own fault: on Sunday afternoon I had way too much caffeine (made a "chai nog" latte that involved both a double-shot of espresso and some very strong chai) and was zooming around for the next twenty-four hours. At my friend Andrea's Hanukkah party I was talking at triple speed the whole time, and then I only managed a few hours of sleep that night. I was even feeling buzzy for part of Monday. I'm apparently a bit of a lightweight when it comes to caffeine.

(On the positive side, after Chris fell asleep on Sunday night, I got a crazy amount of dissertation work done. Like, I reorganized my chapters and then wrote a few pages of introduction.)

Some of this less-than-peaceful week is outside of my control. There are some big issues that we're trying to figure out, and even at the best of times it's easy for my anxiety to take over.

But tonight I choose to be peaceful. I've deliberately taken a little more time doing everything. We had a couple of good friends over and I made a good and filling meal. Supper was a little late because I took a walk to my cheese shop. While we were waiting for the meat to be done cooking, we all drank big mugs of gen mai cha tea. Now that they're gone, I'm listening to Glen Hansard and sitting by the Christmas tree. (Not that Glen Hansard is particularly Christmassy.)

Sometimes it takes some work to slow down. But I'm glad that I did.

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Christiejolu said...

Glen Hansard always calms me too!