Friday, December 11, 2009


I... I may have gone overboard with the Christmas crafts and decorating, folks. It started so innocently, with the tree and the wreath. And then with the windstorm last weekend that gave me so much extra greenery. But then I got too many ornaments for the tree, and I decided to do whatever I wanted on my birthday, and I was so excited about my pretty Christmas tree...

I spent part of my birthday making a Christmas centrepiece for my dining room table.

And I covered my dining room window with greenery. Well, you should see for yourself what my dining room looks like now:

You should click to make this one bigger, to get the full effect of my Crazy.
And yes, I know that we need to get the electronic cables under control again.

I know that a big part of this decorating mania is an attempt to ward off any potential holiday-related homesickness. I guess it's also because I'm tired of doing things on a small scale just because we have a small apartment: the giant tree and the nice decorations feel like the sorts of things I would do in a "grown-up" home, rather than a temporary-ish residence. It's an attempt at laying down some roots where I am.

This decorating binge is also the result of my excitement that the infamous LynnieC is flying in to Victoria on Saturday and staying at Ky's for Christmas. Lyn loves Christmas more than anyone else I know, in spite (or, dare I ask, because?) of several years working in retail. I've spent many Christmases with her and her family, and the idea of spending this one with her and Ky makes me feel a little bit like I'm home.

Okay, fine. I'm also procrastinating. You know how much I love using domesticity for procrastinatory purposes.


LynnieC said...

LOVE IT. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll see you tomorrow, I'm only a DAAAAAAAAAAAAY AAAAWAAAAAAAAAY.

Guess who's only had 2 hours of sleep?

jo(e) said...

So pretty!