Friday, October 16, 2009


Making me feel sluggish today: fourth straight day of clouds and rain.

Making me feel exhausted today: yoga class + my utter lack of leg muscles.

Making me feel like a cliché today: I had quiche with arugula for supper last night. And will do so again for lunch.

Making me feel accomplished this week: I had a very successful weekend of cooking and baking. The chocolate zucchini cake was perfect, and I will definitely use that recipe again. Christina's suggestion of using bacon fat on the turkey = delicious.

Keeping me entertained this week: comedic mysteries. Jasper Fforde, Castle (a newish show that has strong Remington Steele overtones? Yes please), and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Making me feel frightened and outraged today: Russian historian arrested in clampdown on Stalin era (from the Guardian). (Seriously: read this article.)


The Blog Fodder said...

I saw that on BBC website. To be honest, Putin's Russia frightens me more than a little.

C said...

Yay for bacon fat! isn't it fabulous? and isn't Castle just the most awesomest show ever? my mom will stay up late just to watch it and the Mentalist. If my mom watches it, it has to be good! I will have to check out the russian historian thing, sounds scary.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Chris stays up past his (set by himself) bedtime because he likes Castle so much. He was sold on it because it reminded him of Murder, She Wrote.

And Christina, you need to read this article.

Julia H. said...

OH my gosh! That article is very scary. Helloooooo 1984. And how nerve wracking is it when governments start arresting the intelligentsia? This does not bode well.