Saturday, October 17, 2009

Here Be Dragons will return

Watch this space, because Chris is going to get back to updating his blog! Tomorrow, our house is going to be covered in a Kinematics experiment that involves 16m of ramps and many marbles. We're also finally getting the new camera, and so those two elements will combine to help re-launch his blog.

Chris had been procrastinating from dealing with his blog, because the template was all messed up and he thought he'd have to spend hours dealing with it. And so I went (with his permission) and gave him a basic (temporary) template, so that he'd just update his blog without worrying about the details. (Bronwyn? Could you possibly think of a clever banner for Chris?)

So, we'll deal with all that tomorrow. Right now, our beloved football team is down by eight points with three minutes left in the game. (Update: and now it's tied with 41 seconds left in the game! Chris is dancing around like crazy.)

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May-B said...

Yes!!! Yes I could!!! Yay for Chris's blogging again.