Friday, August 21, 2009

Lazy Summer Evening Blogging

I tried to compose a coherent post, but my brain is moving too slowly right now. I blame both August and the fact that I've been spending my days watching German silent films. German silent films where old ladies kill themselves and where prostitutes get murdered. Whee!

And so I'm going to structure this post after the Grace in Small Things format again.

1. I'm enjoying a quiet evening, especially since anticipating having my house full (including a now-walking Andrew) for a week starting on Monday.

2. I'm really glad that I've set the rule of No Working in the Evening. It means that, after a long day of watching depressing movies, I feel like I've earned the right to veg out and watch the Food Network.

3. I'm surrounded in cookbooks right now, and scheming about making bread pudding for Christopher. (Don't worry, Meg: I won't make it while you're around!)

4. Barbequed food: arguably the best part of summer.

5. Spending a quiet evening reading a new novel while Christopher plays Game Cube. These are the sorts of evenings I miss once the school year starts.

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