Sunday, August 23, 2009

Challenge of the Week

This weekend, I read a good book, watched a good movie, had a picnic at a sweet little lake, baked some bread, and am now watching the Top 20 Reveal episode of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. And now I'm getting ready to have house guests for a week, making plans of going to the beach a lot, and taking road trips.

So, here's my challenge: my brain is totally in Summer Mode, and I have to get some work done this week. I do best when I'm in my usual routine, with the house to myself, working uninterrupted for long stretches of time. But I have to learn how to get work done when I can, and not just wait for the perfect situation.

Summer's always funny, progress-wise, especially because I'm married to a teacher. It's not like I can afford to take much time off anymore (especially after I lost a bunch of time already this summer). But the warm weather and the changed routine trigger this "But it's suuuuummer!" part of my brain.

The good thing is that I also know that writing this out will help me.

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la rebelde said...

sounds like a great weekend!

when i was home last summer to help take care of my nephew, i tried a writing technique my profa suggested, which was super helpful: download a free timer from the internet, set it to 45 min and write, take 15 min break to do whatever you want, repeat. it was great because i could tell my nephew to wait until the timer ran out before asking me about star wars powers. and i found i could always make time for 45 min of writing.