Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm a little nerdier than I usually admit

I spent yesterday evening watching The Empire Strikes Back (original theatrical version, of course), while surrounded by all my Star Wars toys. Right after having finished (finally) reading Timothy Zahn's trilogy that follows Return of the Jedi.

I've realised that I might be on shaky ground when I tease my husband about being a Trekkie.

(I blame my recent watching of Fanboys for the resurgence of my old fixation.)

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Anonymous said...

Mary, you only RECENTLY finished reading the Thrawn Trilogy? For shame!

I also recommend: Truce at Bakura, Courtship of Princess Leia, and Children of the Jedi. Avoid the Jedi Academy Trilogy at all costs.

I can't say that any of those other books are as good as Zahn's but they're still a good read for a fangril. ;)