Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grace in Small Things: Day Who Even Knows Anymore

1. I hadn't even noticed, but the cool and rainy weather went away and summer came back. I walked outside this afternoon to get the mail, and it was amazing! And so I went and sat on a lawn chair in my back yard for a while.

2. Yesterday I made a spinach and feta pizza that would make you weep. So good. I had all the leftovers for lunch today, and there is very little I love more than cold leftover pizza. Such a good day.

3. I don't know when I last was able to say this: today I made a to-do list, and finished everything by lunch. I had to go back and add more items to my list, and then finished all that too. And had time to sit on the back lawn, chatting on the phone, for a while.

4. Global TV has now put all its shows online, plus pilots for the fall shows (plus episodes of Silver Spoons and Facts of Life). I can watch the Glee pilot all I want now!

5. Sitting with my feet up in a clean living room, with the Food Network playing in the background. Good summer evening.


LynnieC said...


The Wisper said...

You know they put everything online all last year too... I can't believe I am the only person that knew this.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Well, had a bunch of stuff online already, but they just put the classic shows on this summer, and I had no idea they were picking up Glee, or that they already had it! (And here I was mad at Fox for not letting Canadians view their videos.)

la rebelde said...

that's so nice! it makes me feel more motivated for tomorrow.