Friday, June 19, 2009

It's hard to blog while researching...

...especially when I'm translating German all day! It makes my thoughts all jumbly, and all these depressing Depression-era melodramas are making my brain tired.

But then today, just as I was ready to throw this current novel through the window, it turned into a murder mystery! I can't believe that half of the book was all "we're worried because the bank we're running is not doing well" and "nobody trusts female managers", and then kapow! Half-way through it turned into "female manager is framed for murdering the boss and even though one of her co-workers was acting all suspicious right before she left, there are several other suspects! But no one considers anyone but her, because who trusts a female manager?" And now it's turned into the Weimar German version of Law & Order, so it's been a pretty good day after all.


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European Heaven
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European Hell
British cooks
Swiss lovers
German policemen
French mechanics
Italian administrators