Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GiST Day 58: A little bit triumphant edition

1. I just finished Level 2 in my Rosetta Stone German course. That deserves an exclamation mark: ! I needed to feel like I'm making some serious progress, and so I pushed through and finished the level today.

2. On a weird note, last night I had a dream about the German verb "lachen." I was dreaming about German laughter. Yes. I think I've gone insane finally.

3. I had a long talk on the phone with my brother today. That was particularly nice, since we don't talk very often. We looked at the pictures of his house that he emailed me, and he answered all my millions of questions about his wedding. I have a good and patient brother.

4. I have a very sweet Christopher, who worries about TV characters when they're sad.

5. My heart feels lighter today. It may sound like I was working hard today (and I did do a lot of work), but I managed to take some deliberate time for myself, and that makes me feel less crazy. Even if I have dreams about the German word for laughter. (Okay, so that would be "Lachen" with a capital l. I need to go to sleep now.)

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ncsteph said...

#4 made me smile... I miss you guys! :)