Thursday, March 26, 2009

GiST Day 53: Again Just In Under the Wire

1. We were invited over for supper tonight with a family from Chris's school. It was so cute: this is the second time we've been over for supper there (both times with Derek and Ariann), and both times a good portion of the high school class have showed up for supper too.

2. It's nice that it's a family where I don't have to be Mrs. [Our Last Name] and constantly conscious that I act like a teacher's wife. Sometimes it's hard to remember to be a grownup.

3. I got a room full of teenagers talking about the origins of the First World War.

4. We did our taxes today! That deserves an exclamation point because: a.) they are done now, and it's still March, and so we can feel like we're on top of things this year; b.) we got through them quickly and easily; c.) we're getting a decent amount of money back.

5. It was sunny today! And warm! Exclamation points!


Anonymous said...

"I got a room full of teenagers talking about the origins of the First World War."

Right on MA! I remember back in Grade 7 or so we had this guest speaker that asked if anyone knew how World War I started and I was the only one to say, "the Archduke of Austria was assassinated." Coming from another history nut I have to say: good job!

EDIT: My confirmation word: ismen. Yes I is...

The Blog Fodder said...

I just finished reading Martin Gilberts History of the First World War which did as good a job of any of explaining how the war was started. Archduke Ferdinand was the trigger point to a war nobody wanted but everybody wanted. The only dumber war starting point was the Crimean war.