Tuesday, March 10, 2009

GiST Day 48

1. The snow's melting already, and it looks like the rest of the week will be warmer. This city is crazy.

2. I left the house! And went and got my shot like I'd planned on doing! And worked with Ky! And wrote a whole bunch! Exclamations points about productivity!

3. Vicki the puppy is pretty much the sweetest ever. She is my wee little puppy friend and I got to spend the whole day giving her kisses on top of the head. It's nice doing work while the softest puppy ever is snuggled up to your leg.

4. It was fun working with Ky. (But I hope she got enough work done.) We went for a walk and came up with names for the newest flavour of Doritos and reminisced about how funny we were in our early teen years.

5. Being a grown up and living away from my parents means I can openly eat delicious things that are intended for baking, like mini marshmallows and chocolate chips (and Skor bits) and not get in trouble. I've gotten past the "I can eat frosting out of a can!" phase of Living On My Own, but the mini marshmallows are forever. (Oh man, the time that Meg and I ate an entire can of cream cheese frosting.)


crazy mom said...

On Sunday night I had chocolate whipped icing with teddy grahams. It was wonderful. My parents would not have aproved. It made it that much better! Hee Hee!

Mom said...


Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh man, my mom's angry little emoticon is cracking me right up.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

(Is that angry or sad? Maybe it's a sad face.)

Mom said...

I was trying to show a frown.
I have always liked snacking on raisins and chocolate chips, even when I was a girl. If I was upset, it was probably because I wanted them for myself. Or they were all gone when it was time to bake.

C said...

when my mom was catering we learned never to touch food in the house without permission. when i had my own pantry, it was so nice to stock it with treats and eat them whenever i wanted! my mom definitely would not have approved of the week we made magic squares every few days because we had bought all the ingredients and what else were we going to do with all that coconut?