Thursday, March 12, 2009

GiST Day 41

1. Some days, it's just nice to give yourself permission not to leave the house. (Somewhat-negative way of reading this: "I am a house-bound hermit. And I love it.")

2. I got an email from a fabulous former prof of mine (from back home)* who reads this blog! Who gave me camera advice! (I am now waving in your direction.)

3. Chris didn't have homework tonight. That's pleasant when that happens, because he's been really busy lately. We managed to wash dishes and catch up on our TV shows. (It's an exciting life around here.)

4. My in-laws will be here in 34 hours! Next week promises to be pleasant. There are plans in the works for us to return to the island's West Coast. (Chris and I haven't been there since our honeymoon.)

5. Roar.

* That was some awkward construction. I'd edit that, but I am sleepy.

1 comment:

crazy mom said...

Oh Mary, you make roaring seem so graceful!