Friday, February 06, 2009

Not-So-Random Bullets of The Cold That Ate Cleveland

(...sorry, Roger. My cold ate your town.)

  • Why do congested sinuses affect how my brain works? Yesterday it took me five minutes to spell my own name.
  • Today, I'm not coherent enough to watch tonight's Battlestar Galactica, and so we're taping it in the hopes that I can handle watching it tomorrow. I only have the mental capacity for cooking shows and sitcom reruns.
  • I shouldn't cook when I can't smell. I made carrot soup yesterday afternoon, but was too tired and incoherent to be sensible about the spices (and desperately wanted to be able to taste anything), and used too heavy of a hand with the garlic. Chris just had to throw out the leftovers, because apparently it's even worse when you have a sense of smell.
  • But I slept last night! Twelve whole hours! Huzzah!
  • You know how usually when you're Investigating Dr. Google you end up feeling frightened? I've been reading up a lot about sinusitis, and while it is likely that I have the kind of sinusitis that isn't a bacterial infection (yet), it looks like I'm doing everything right to treat it and don't have to rush to a doctor. So it's actually making me feel better.
  • Ky deserves a Medal of Bravery. She bussed here with the essays I need to mark and sat in my Bio-hazard apartment for a while. And witnessed the disgustingness of Kleenex Mountain.
  • You should all be glad that I haven't posted any photos of all the Kleenex mountains. It's quite disgusting.
  • Oh my goodness! On The Wild Gourmets they're going to eat a squirrel! They're making Peking Squirrel. Gross.
  • ...sorry about how gross this became.


ncsteph said...

grossness not a problem... however, I do believe I will have to find a way to include "investigating Dr Google" into my future conversations!!! :) Hope you feel better soon, hon ~

roger said...

We had a good run.