Thursday, February 19, 2009

GiST Day 30

Prayer updates: they've taken Glenn off of sedation today, and so now he's not in a chemically-induced coma anymore. Now we just have to wait for him to come out of the non-chemically-induced coma, and pray that it happens quickly.

Also, little Celeste is in the hospital tonight. So, prayer's needed there too.

1. Chris had the school science fair today! He brought home pictures and it was adorable. He won't let me show pictures from it, however.

2. And he brought home dessert!

3. We're getting housecleaning done around here finally. I threw open the windows and managed to stay awake all day. Although now I need to go to bed immediately.

4. Hey! I read a book today and made progress on my dissertation! Not too shabby.

5. I'ma go take some Benadryl now. Tomorrow promises to be cheerful.

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