Wednesday, February 04, 2009

GiST Day 14: Ouchie Throat Edition

Today it is going to be hard to write about thankful things, because I'm feeling very sick (that cold that I thought was gone? It's back) and I'm feeling whiny. But I will make a small effort and then go to sleep.

1. Even though my night class seminar was poorly attended and I was being feverish, it went well. Everyone made an honest effort and I let them go early. We were all happy in the end.

2. Warm slippers, warm blankets, and hot water bottles. Bliss.

3. Christopher went to get groceries and after he left, I realised that I'd managed to use up all our lemons (in my hot water with honey and lemon). But he didn't have his cellphone and so I couldn't call him to ask for more. But he brought me a big bag of lemons as a treat, because he knows me a little too well.

4. Wow, do I ever love pork rib roast. I spent a good portion of the afternoon slow-roasting it, and it was so good that I think I'll be dreaming about it tonight. I'll be buying one of those again.

5. Roar. That's all I can think of that's happy. Well, I'll also speak a little robot for you: beep beep boop. I'm a little tired, so you'll have to ask my sister for the translations.


Teacher Lady said...

Dinosaur and robot are tonal languages so I can't translate.

Anonymous said...

Pah! That was a good one, Janny.