Thursday, January 22, 2009

Updates all over the place

Update 1: I have a good department. They had already planned out what to do if my prof had her baby early; they extended the sessional's contract so that she can start on Monday instead of after Spring Break. My job is not any more complicated than it was before, other than the fact that the sessional and I just spent the past hour going over the prof's plans for the first half of the semester, trying to parse what some of her intentions (particularly for assignments) were.

Update 2: Have I mentioned that whenever Chris has a fever, he hallucinates? And that he specifically hallucinates that his blankets can talk and are out to get him? The first time it happened (years ago), they were Russians who were leading a revolution against him. Last night, they were mathematicians that wouldn't cooperate (read: cover his toes) unless he solved their equations.

In other words, my husband is sick.

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C said...

glad things worked out! i hope chris is feeling better soon! he is very creative with his hallucinations!