Sunday, November 16, 2008


Could someone please tell me why I'm continually feeling compelled to roar like a dinosaur? It doesn't entirely correspond with my moods, because I have both a happy and an angry "Roar!"

It might just be because I'm crazy.


Teacher Lady said...

Two reasons:
1) You have dragons on your school bag
2) Roar means "I love you" in dinosaur.

Anonymous said...

you're awesome. my kids would love it. in fact, I may have to roar at them tomorrow.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Teacher lady: I was hoping you'd respond with that link. By the way, I need that t-shirt.

anastasia: I've taken to saying "Roar!" when I answer the phone, in lieu of "Hello?" (Okay, I only do it if I know it's Ky or my sister.) I highly recommend. I'm pretty sure your daughters will love roaring.

Leslie M-B (trillwing) said...

OMG, you're behaving exactly like my 3-year-old.

Plus, as Anastasia points out, you're awesome.