Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's tired in here

I've had an adventure today: while I was driving home from taking Chris to the schoolbus, the car's alternator belt broke and flew off, and the radiator boiled over just as I got home. So, I started off the early morning with "Please let me get home please let me get home"-style praying, and then I got to ride a tow truck and spend a lot of money before the car's even finished.

And so I've spent the day madly cleaning the house, trying to distract myself from the "How much is this going to cost?" thoughts and the "What if there's something else wrong in the car, too?" thoughts. I've dealt with replacing the alternator belt before (in my old car), and I know it's not a big deal, but it's now eleven hours after it happened and I still haven't heard how much everything's going to cost and how long I'm going to be carless.

So, apparently I'm mostly feeling whiny right now, which is probably not the best time to be blogging.

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markdynna said...

Ouch, I feel for you MA. Every time I have to pay for a vehicle to get fixed it feels like I'm ripping my intestines out with my bare hands; I don't like it (if that image didn't give you the correct impression). A few years ago both my and Terra's car had the head gasket go in the same *month.* That God there were some mechanics at the church, or it would have cost us almost four thousand dollars. I hope everything turns out okay on your car.