Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Three small things for this morning

I keep forgetting that there is a rabbit living in a cage in my laundry room right now. I keep hearing sounds of paper rustling and interpreting it in two ways: "Something is falling and making a mess in a laundry room," or "Robber in the house!" No, it is a rabbit. I need to stop jumping up and checking like that.

As a special treat (because Chris was starting school today, and because Christina is here) we ordered from Pizza Hut last night. However, when the delivery guy came to the door, it was at the moment when Chris was in the office and Christina was in the bathroom. And so there I was, a tiny woman in what looked like a silent and empty apartment, receiving a large pizza, a large order of cheesy bread sticks, and twenty hot wings. The delivery guy looked at the three boxes, looked at me, looked past me (where it looked like I'd also single-handedly consumed two bags of chips), and burst out laughing.

As I mentioned above, Christopher has his first day of school today!


lifexhistory said...

One and two are hilarious; three is fabulous :)

I say just keep getting up and checking on the rabbit every time you hear a noise... you'll soon become immune to the noises!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Lifex: except that the bunny goes away tomorrow morning! And so I'll just get used to Basil by the end of the day, and then tomorrow afternoon I'll hear a stack of papers fall in the laundry room and I won't go check because I'll think, "Ah, it's just the rabbit."

Big C said...

Pizza guys are hilarious. All the ones around here are middle aged and eastern european. The one suggested he could help me out with the eating as long as I had vodka.