Monday, September 01, 2008

Adventures in the Procrastination Household and Beyond

For the next few days, we have a couple of extra members in the House of Procrastination: my friend Christina and her bunny Basil! She's moving back to Ontario on Wednesday morning, and had to move out of her townhouse (full of roommates) yesterday. She was going to be staying with one of her former roommates (in another house full of people), but that fell through suddenly and Chris and I offered that she could stay in our spare room until she flies out. It's for the best, really; most of my plans for the first part of this week (except for the watching of the Labour Day Classic, which was also the only break that Chris took from prep for the first day of school) involved hanging out with my history friends before Christina left.

(As a bonus, Christina and I finally get to finish working our way through Season 1 of Remington Steele! Also, we made custard.)

So, this morning Chris went up with our rent cheque and a forewarning for our landlady: "Don't be alarmed if you see a stranger wandering around the backyard with a rabbit on a leash."

As a side note: my friend Andrea said that I can share her blog with the wider public! (And I apparently just did the same with Christina's.) It's of interest to historians and to those who are interested in the fascinating stuff she's been sewing lately. (I'm crazy about the coffee press cozy she designed!)


May-B said...

Um, how did you not tell me about Andrea before? She sews. And she's great!!!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I know I've told you about Andrea! I just haven't mentioned that she sews! (She has my sewing machine right now and it's amazing what she can do with it.)