Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obsessive glasses-blogging

My regular glasses (which are many years old by now) have been hurting me a little, because the plastic wore off of one of the arms in such a way that it scratches my head constantly. It's gotten to be too much, lately, and so when I'm at home I'm wearing my alternate pair of glasses (the pair that came free when I bought my regular pair).

Unfortunately, I do not love how I look in these glasses:

Do you see the problem? I feel like they give me tiny eyes. It's like I need much larger quantities of eye makeup or something. It freaks me out whenever I look in the mirror. But? Much more comfortable. I'm just not wearing them out of the house. But I felt the need to blog this.


Anonymous said...

I adore the sad face. I think it's what makes the glasses killer.

Maybe you should glue glitter and feathers to the frames. That'd help... make you look crazy. But imagine the drama! You could give yourself a stage name that you would use only when you wear those glasses.

C said...

oh, what a sad face! i agree with ky that they need a little bling. they look kinda like goggles. but really, no one notices glasses all that much except yourself, and if you are acting all self-concious about them, then people are going to notice more. they don't look bad, just a little blah.

Anonymous said...

I think you need some chunky glasses. But you know I adore chunky glasses!

Until you can go back to your regular glasses or some that you dislike less, just some mascara and lipstick will help do the trick. I know-- lipstick to help with the eyes? Indeed, lipstick.

Anonymous said...

Help is on the way in the form of....ME! Having worn glasses for 50 years here's the problem: Being nearsighted, the lenses actually make the eyes look smaller, as you are just now realizing because you were used to seeing FRAMES. Now, you see your EYES.

The solution (don't laugh) is not eye makeup as much as eyebrows!!! Lightly color in your eyebrows and they will give the same effect as the frames did.

Honest! Seeing eyebrows should take a lot of getting used to. You'll think you look like Grouch Marx for a while, but it works honey. Have I ever lied to you before ?