Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It wouldn't be our house if there weren't explosions

What kind of freaky, incandescent (non-power-saving) light bulb lasts for 3+ years (it was there when we moved in), and then suddenly explodes?

Seriously. There was a pop and a flash in the kitchen, and when we went to check, we found the lightbulb hanging by a single wire from the outlet (and from the base of the bulb!), with the cheap plastic shade still attached to the lightbulb. We shut off the switch, and then when Chris tried to take off the shade, the whole thing (shade and lightbulb) exploded in his hands! Plastic and glass everywhere!

(Chris is okay! But we're even going to have to replace the outlet!)


C said...

oh my goodness! that happened with the heat lamp in our bathroom on Wolf St. It exploded when i was in the shower but it broke in only a few pieces so i was able to get out afterward. but they had to replace the whole light fixture because they couldn't get the little metal end out. maybe you could convince your landlord that you needed a cool light fixture to replace it!

The History Enthusiast said...

That happened to my mom last year. She didn't get cut, but the hot glass left a few burns on her skin.

I'm with c: convince your landlord that it is a hazard and that the whole light fixture should be replaced.

Big C said...

I believe the only possible option is to put blacklights throughout your whole place.

Oh and maybe Chris just doesn't know his own strength?

Queen of West Procrastination said...

c and history enthusiast: Well, of course the whole fixture will have to be replaced, since it's falling apart now. What will probably happen is that they'll pay for it to be replaced (and we'll make sure it's not too expensive), but Chris will actually install it. That's what happens when things need wiring around here; they don't know how to do this stuff themselves, and Chris loves doing the maintenance.

Laura said...

What is it with Chris and things blowing up in his hand? And the only exploding lightbulb I can remember happened when I was a kid holding a light outside so my dad could see what we was working on at night. It was raining, and a drop hit the bulb, and POP!