Saturday, August 09, 2008

I'm here

But I have been absent and then busy. We went up to visit all of Chris's family this week, and then after that my brain's been occupied by football, the So You Think You Can Dance finale, cooking a duck using a new recipe, and pulling strings so that I can take an education course (geared at grad students who want to teach in universities) in the next year. Also I've been mini-golfing. I went this evening with Chris's family and then go tomorrow (well, today if you count the fact that it's after midnight) with my high school friends. This evening I got three holes-in-one and haven't had a hole-in-one since I was eight years old. I expect that it will never happen again. Or I'll have to wait another twenty years to have another hole-in-one.

Also, apparently we're leaving in three and a half days? But please don't mention that fact to Ky, or else she'll have a meltdown and start rocking herself in the fetal position while reciting the Lord's Prayer.

By the way, the trip home ought to be entertaining: we'll have Chris, me, Ariann, Derek, Ky, Bronwyn, Lyn and Karl travelling together.* The eight of us will be divided between two Toyota Echos and a U-Haul truck. This will either be a Road Trip of Legend, or we'll all end up killing each other somewhere around BC's interior.

Part of me is coming up with all the work I need to do before Tuesday, and part of me keeps thinking "I should make some legendary mix CDs for the drive."

Now I'm going to stop blogging and go to sleep. It is very late and my husband is snoring beside me. But it's hard to fall asleep immediately after you've gotten home (unless you're a robot like Chris), especially after my mini-golf triumphs. This makes up for my mini-golf injury in May, I think.

* Bronwyn and Lyn are moving Ky out, right before Lynnie herself moves to Edmonton. Also, Meg's staying in Regina with wee Andrew the car until after Uncle Travelling Matt's wedding.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I vote for the CD -- I like to make them with songs 'dedicated' to each of the people on the trip... and make them guess at which song is theirs...

Also, hubby is probably applying for a job in his field in BC -- so, if we don't end up in Iowa, we could end up in BC!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Where in BC is he applying? Because that would be ridiculously cool if you guys were near us.

And I'm cracking up at the suggestion of "Guess which song is dedicated to you!" (Although it would be tricky to make sure that everyone's listening to the CD, since we'll be three-to-a-car.)