Friday, June 20, 2008

Sneaking a moment to blog

We've been busy around here. Poor Ky's been lugged all over the city several time; we try to schedule her time to put her foot up, but we've also had so many appointments that it's been hard to stop. (And yesterday was a gong show: we went to three apartments being rented out by property management companies. What a difference from viewing suites that had been advertised on the university's off-campus housing registry: at one place, we were herded through with nine other prospective renters and made to understand that this was just one of many showings of the place. And then the property manager handed out applications to all of us, as one of the others mentioned that he'd already applied to fourteen apartments! This city is such a mess.)

However, we might now be at the end of it: we secured a basement suite for her yesterday! Oddly enough, it was the first place we'd viewed. It's fantastic: ground floor suite with big windows, newly renovated, walking distance from campus, right beside a lovely park, and rented out by lovely landlords. They liked Ky so much that they'd asked her to call by Thursday afternoon to say if she was renting the place, because there was another woman considering the place who was planning on calling by Friday. They preferred Ky and wanted her to have first crack at the place.

And so today we go and deliver her security deposit (and take pictures of the place so that she remembers what it looks like). And then I view a place for Ariann and Derek which very well might be the one. And then Ky and I watch a bunch of TV.

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