Thursday, June 26, 2008

From the "this world is really small" department

So. I think we've finalized a place for Ariann and Derek. It's not far from the school, and it's fantastic. Breathtaking views of the harbour on one side, and backing on to a regional park with forest on the other. We'd heard about the place from the school's kindergarten teacher; the couple who owns the place are friends of hers from church.

I was talking with the owners and happened to mention that Ariann and Derek were moving out with my cousin Ky. At which point Susan immediately supplied Ky's last name. It turns out that Ariann and Derek will be renting from the sister of this person, a good friend of Ky, Lyn and Bronwyn's family. This couple had been planning on having Ky out for a visit once she moved here, because they love that family so much.

My world is far too small.


may-b said...

Isn't that insane??? I could not believe when KB called and told us. I think it is so great.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

This is still blowing my mind.