Friday, May 23, 2008

Roused out of my silence by ants

I was trying to think up a post reflecting on how lovely it's been this past week, quieting my brain for a while. But then I saw them: ants again. My old nemeses. Well, I guess it's been a year since I last went insane with the cinnamon and got rid of them from our storage room.

So much for quieting my brain! At least they're not currently nesting in our living room carpet, or forming a solid line coming from our landlords' half of the basement. They're just coming under the front door, which is the easiest for us to deal with. But I did go a little crazy, spraying Fantastik all over the kitchen floor and outside the front door, in hopes that it killed their scent and a few of the ants.

We'll see how far my crazy goes this year. It's a good thing that my allergic-to-cinnamon sister isn't here right now.

(For now I'm hiding out in the office, where ants never come, and where I can't smell the cleaner that I sprayed everywhere.)


trillwing said...

It's funny--I was just thinking of your under-the-carpet anthill yesterday. Good times!

I've become a big fan of spackling paste where (mostly) appropriate and baking soda where it's not.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

And my ants reminded me of your frightening, frightening carpet mushrooms!

(And I'm speaking tentatively, but it looks like the ants haven't come back yet!)