Friday, April 11, 2008

Very close to the finish line

A few more hours and then I bus to the university for that final written exam. My neck's feeling mostly better (still kind of inflamed, but workable), and my thoughts for this exam are mostly in order. It's kind of intimidating because it's the theory-based exam, my "topical field" in cultural history.

It's neat how much I've learned through this whole process. I feel like a completely different person than I was before I began reading for these exams. My Canadian history prof says that I act differently now, too. I'm apparently more confident when I talk about these topics. I'm less apologetic. I allow myself to be an expert more.

And now, as I write these exams, I feel like I'm learning even more. It's like I'm finally having a chance to think creatively and all the pieces are coming together.

And now I just have to learn to be proud of myself for what I've accomplished, instead of beating myself up for not being in this place six months ago.


Kate said...

Haaaaaaang in there, baby! Almost through!

Teacher Lady said...

Now you need to be rid of your left leaning...