Thursday, April 10, 2008

Right here: the biggest wimp on earth

Today I went to the chiropractor to get my neck and shoulder checked out, seeing as I still couldn't turn my head very far to the left and it felt like a sharp needle was poking my skull. At first my chiro assumed that it was just tension in my upper back, thanks to all the hunching over cue cards and stressing out, until I told him about the sharp pain. Turns out that I threw something way out in my neck, to the point of some bones being twisted around.

Seriously, it took a lot of work to get me back in line. And I'm still popping ibuprofen, because my shoulder still hurts. (But it isn't as bad as before.)

I wish I had some cool reason for my injury. Like rugby or something. "Well, that last flying tackle was a little too much."

No. Instead I get, "I think maybe it was handwriting all those cue cards. Maybe also the way I prop the phone between my ear and my shoulder when I'm busy."

I'm pretty sure I need to build up the muscles in my body, so that it takes a flying tackle to throw my neck out like that, and not office work.

In other news: I heard back from one of my profs, and I've officially passed my Canada exam! Huzzah! (Well, the e-mail she sent to the grad chair was essentially "Yep, it's fine." Which is all I ask.)


Ky said...

Hoorah about the exam!
Too bad about the neck!

Anastasia said...

academia is a full-contact sport.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

YEA on the exam!!

You could make up a good excuse-- something like having to defend your honey in a bar fight with a biker gang?? Or climbing a tree to rescue a family of kittens or something...

A colleague told everyone that she broke her ankle at the Sturgus SD Harley rally when someone "dissed my hog".... and she stuck to the story even though she was walking down the sidewalk and slipped.

Big C said...

I would pay good money to see you play rugby. Though I would feel bad if you got hurt, probably.

All you need to do is dress up the truth. So just say you threw yourself so hard at the comps that something went out of joint. It doesn't sound sissy if you put it like that.

ariberkana said...

Congrats on the exam! I hope your neck feels better soon.

Bella Sultane said...

Congratulations on your exam!!