Thursday, March 20, 2008

Question Time Again

Time: 12:37pm

Tea of choice: Butchart Gardens' "Teaberry" black tea.

I am procrastinating from: finishing that One Last Book (again, but this time from a different list) before my meeting with Dr. Supervisor this afternoon.

My current surroundings: Chris is fixing one of our dining room chairs right now, as I sit on the lousy futon, under my SAD lamp. (I am amazed by how much work my husband can get done while he's on holidays. I am far more skilled than he is at the Fine Art of Doing Nothing. Seriously: yesterday he re-caulked the entire bathroom and got rid of all of the black mold. He's also re-organising our office right now, at the same time as he fixes the chair. And this is his idea of the Best Vacation Ever. Whaaaa?)

I am feeling: shockingly competent, after my fantastic meeting with my Canadian history prof yesterday. She said that she's confident that I'm ready for my exams and that I'll do really well. She also said that she's noticed that I have a lot more self-confidence and focus than I had when I started here. (Well, of course! I was freaked out and feeling shy and awkward during my first year here.)

I am also feeling: wiggley about the prospect of Ky moving here this summer.

Current pop cultural fixations: Iron Chef America and (again) America's Next Top Model. I try to quit and I always go back.

I am listening to:
The little boy upstairs, roaring.


Anastasia said...

everybody loves america's next top model.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Especially when they're taking it to the streets!

Big C said...

I wish they would have America's Next Top Mathematician. That I would watch.