Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Most fun supper ever

I totally just bought purple potatoes at at farmers' market in the Student Union Building today. They're purple all the way through! And stay purple when you cook them! Who knew?

When I get home, I'm totally going to cook up some purple mashed potatoes.

(It's very fitting that I heard about these purple potatoes just after I finished posting on Bronwyn's blog about pluots and tangelos.)


lifexhistory said...

I knew about purple potatoes because J had attended some cooking class where they made purple mashed potatoes and he promised he'd make some for me and NEVER HAS! :(

But aside from tangelos (my grandparents in law mailed us some from their home in AZ-- they were the size of ORANGES and SO GOOD) I didn't know about the other combo-fruits.

What a weird world we live in!

Anastasia said...

oooh! I love the purple potatoes.