Saturday, March 08, 2008

Again, I am a legless wonder

For those who have been wondering where I've been for the past few days, they should refer to this post from my early days of blogging. Actually, the swelling this year is also in my shoulders, my neck and my jaw. Which has just been fabulous for my productivity. (Actually, I've gotten a shocking amount of work done. Just not as much as I would have liked to have done.) I don't know if it's that my allergies are worse because I'm under so much stress, or if it's the fact that I've dragged out my "build-up" process for so long, but this year has been much harder than the last few.

And so, in honour of my Legless Wonder days, and because I'm apparently incapable of talking without whining lately, I'll give you everything else in simple question/answer format.

Time: 10:52pm

Current Soundtrack: Chris finishing up washing every single dish in the house. (It's been one of those weeks.)

Good parts of the last half of my week:
a.) Structuring entire days around the teas I would drink (my biggest motivator is tea);
b.) Organizing an entire referendum campaign over the course of my lunch break at the university on Wednesday;
c.) Both of us taking a break at supper every day (read: between 7-8pm) to watch M*A*S*H and Scrubs reruns;
d.) Being sucked back in to Top Model in time to see the (horrific as usual) makeovers.
e.) Finally starting to feel like I'm getting things together for my exams.

Ambivalent part of my week: Finding that library book that was presumed lost (and especially presumed to be left at the hospital when I was visiting a friend), wedged in a weird place behind a piece of furniture. After I had to pay all those lost book fines and replaced the book.

Tea of the day: Wild Strawberry Green tea, from T. (A birthday present from Meg.) Actually, first it was a big mug of seamist from Silk Road, because the food allergies had given me a tummyache.

When I'm done with my comps, I will miss the least:
trying to parse the impenetrable prose of 1980s film historians who have decided that they're going to use semiotics and structuralism. (Okay fine, I'll have to deal with them again when I'm writing my dissertation. But I get a break from them for a few weeks, right?)

Most recent method of annoying Chris: Singing the terrible Burlington Coat Factory jingle, which mostly consists of a woman endlessly shrieking, "Family VA-lues! Family Va-Lues!"

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Limon de Campo said...

I'm glad you've found good things to balance the less good.

After taking comps, I sort of felt empty, like I couldn't quite figure out what to do with myself.