Friday, February 11, 2005

From the Desk of the Legless Wonder

Subtitled: "I have no legs!"

Okay, that's exaggerating. For the past few days, I've been claiming that I have no legs, because mine have been pretty stupid/useless. It turns out that one of the ways in which I react to food allergies is with swelling in the joints. Didn't fully notice after Monday that my joints had swollen up (because I was always sitting at my desk), but then I went to yoga on Wednesday and... I was a mess. I couldn't sit up straight, much less make my legs bend in the way we were supposed to. And then after that I got my second food allergy shot (until I get up to full dosage -- next Wednesday -- I just react to everything in my serum). I could barely walk after that. And so, I've been laying low at home since then. Sleeping a lot. Not getting a lot of work done. (Not good.) But I had the third shot today, and I think it's getting better. Still walking like a duck, but not as much so now.

So, that's essentially where I've been the past couple of days: being a whiney mess. Poor Meg.

On the up side, on Wednesday night, when I was fairly incapacitated, Meg, Karl and I watched the new Manchurian Candidate. (Yay, Liev Schreiber!)It was much better than I'd heard it was. It kind of dragged in places, and didn't always flesh out some of the plot points, but it was interesting. Now I have to watch the first one. And I love Frank Sinatra, so I'm not complaining about that!

Where I'm working: at my desk (which is currently covered in dirty dishes -- gross).

What I'm wearing: bowling sweater, layered over my University of Delaware t-shirt, with the grey baggy pants. Yesterday I was far more interesting -- I was in navy from head to toe!

I am procrastinating from: looking up some more political information to fill in the blanks in chapter one.

I am thankful for: the sun shining through my window!

When I try to type my name with my chin it looks like this: mARYAnnew (That's the best I've done it so far! I got that from a forward my cousin sent me.)


arimich <> said...

You're crazy!

Jen said...

HILARIOUS...i love your daily notes...keep them up!!